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Be Part of the Praying Solution

Days Until the Election









Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.
(Colossians 3:2)

It is difficult to believe that in 18 days Election Day will be upon us. It will be a matter of days before millions of Americans head to their respective polling places and cast their vote. Even now, thousands of Americans have already begun the voting process by mailing in their votes. In the next few days, thousands more ballots will be mailed in to have their votes counted.

As we have mentioned before, even if you have decided not to vote this year, it is important for you to spend time in prayer on behalf of the election.  Your desire for people to honor and respect God should be brought before the Almighty with your words.

While election day grows closer, we must remember God desires we grow closer to Him.  His desire is that all men be saved and come to the truth, but it still takes your actions.  It takes your desire and commitment to speak your words to a listening Father.

Because you can pray to the Father, you can be part of the solution. You have the ability to share with the Creator of the Universe, your desires, wants, needs, and hopes for the future. You can bring names before Him and know that He hears you.

If you have not spoken with the Father, now is a good time.

Talk to God today.

Father Almighty, today we request Your presence in our nation. May we be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  May our minds be focused on the power of Your Word. Allow us to continue in faith and strengthen our faith in You.

Father, as we grow closer to Election Day, let us not take our focus off You, but let us grow stronger in our relationship with You. Give us the strength to maintain this focus amid a crazy world. May our lives not be worldly, but godly.

Father, we beg You to be with us and watch over us. To those that seek to do us harm, may You stop them. May You stop their plans. Give us the strength and motivation to continue on the narrow way.

We ask this in Jesus’s name, Amen.

Facebook Profile Picture Frame

Yesterday, our Facebook Profile Picture Frame was made public. You can add this frame to your Facebook Profile Picture was we go through this election cycle. It can be a reminder for others to pray for the elections.

To add this frame to your Facebook Profile picture:

  1. Click on your Facebook Profile Picture.
  2. Update your Facebook Profile Photo.
  3. Click on Add Frame.
  4. Search for “Pray for the Election.”
  5. Add it to your profile picture.

If you find this shareable, please share this with others so we can encourage as many people as possible to pray for the upcoming elections.

Have a blessed day.

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