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Everyone Needs Your Prayers

Days Until the Election








Today marks less than 26 days before Election Day.

The time is drawing near.

As the debates continue, the media publishes story after story, the candidates advertise day and night, let us remember that this is not our home, we are just passing through.

Let us remember that each candidate, whether we are for them or against them, is a person just like you and me. While our beliefs and opinions may differ politically, let us remember that each person in in need of salvation.

While the election draws near, let us not lose hear that each person needs our prayers.

Let us remember that each person needs the wisdom of God.

Every person may not appreciate God, but let our prayers ask God to open their eyes.

May we pray for all candidates to open their hearts to God and receive His word?

Pray for every elected leader.

Will you take a moment and pray for them right now?

Will you pray?

Father God, the time is growing close when millions of our Earthly country’s citizens will head to the pooling places to cast their vote for the best candidate. Father, we ask for Your wisdom during this time. Our earthly wisdom will only take us so far in our lives, we need Your wisdom from above. Allow us open heart to receive Your wisdom. Father may our hearts be opened not just to receive Your wisdom, but may we apply it daily.

Father, as we plan our votes, may we remember that Your Word applies in every aspect of our lives. Remind us that we are Your children, not just on Sunday mornings, but we are Your children every day. Being Your children means receiving Your blessings and we ask that we remember we are blessed every day.

Father, may we remain faithful to You. We ask you to forgive us of our wrongs, sins, and shortcomings. We thank You for Your forgiveness.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Facebook Profile Picture Frame

Yesterday, our Facebook Profile Picture Frame was made public. You can add this frame to your Facebook Profile Picture was we go through this election cycle. It can be a reminder for others to pray for the elections.

To add this frame to your Facebook Profile picture:

  1. Click on your Facebook Profile Picture.
  2. Update your Facebook Profile Photo.
  3. Click on Add Frame.
  4. Search for “Pray for the Election.”
  5. Add it to your profile picture.

If you find this shareable, please share this with others so we can encourage as many people as possible to pray for the upcoming elections.

Have a blessed day.

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