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Are you praying for the election?

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Sunday is the day of worship for Christians as we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As Christians assemble, they world and its events are placed on a back burner, while each one humbles themselves before the Most High God.

Our focus is on the praise and worship of God. While we bow before the Creator of the world, we show our allegiance and our hope. Without God, there is not hope for the world.

Sadly, there are some who will skip a day of worship for worldly things, even politics. Let us decide today to pray for those who are torn between the world and God.

May we choose to be like Joshua in Joshua 24.15 and become closer to God each day through our choices. May our choices to worship the Father, become our motivation as we go throughout this week.

When we get discouraged this week, may we find relief in the power and shelter of the wings of God. Establish yourself in His love and His blessings of His Son.

Let today, be your day of worship and your day of honoring the One who made all things possible.

Let’s pray this week for those who are in leadership positions across our government that they may find the time to worship God. Knowing that humbling ourselves helps us and humbling themselves will help them.

Let us pray that the government will take a break on Sunday’s to allow for the greatest blessing…the worship of God.

“Father, as we bow before you, may we humble ourselves in worship to You today acknowledging that You are the True and only God of all. It is with humble hearts we ask You to be our encouragement and hope as we go throughout this week. We pray for our leaders. We pray they will make time for You.”

“Father, we ask that you humble them and show them the true way to follow and serve you. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

Facebook Profile Picture Frame

Yesterday, our Facebook Profile Picture Frame was made public. You can add this frame to your Facebook Profile Picture was we go through this election cycle. It can be a reminder for others to pray for the elections.

To add this frame to your Facebook Profile picture:

  1. Click on your Facebook Profile Picture.
  2. Update your Facebook Profile Photo.
  3. Click on Add Frame.
  4. Search for “Pray for the Election.”
  5. Add it to your profile picture.

If you find this shareable, please share this with others so we can encourage as many people as possible to pray for the upcoming elections.

Have a blessed day.

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